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Doobie Dividends – Our Loyalty Program Explained

Doobie Dividends – Our Loyalty Program Explained

Doobie Dividends – Our Loyalty Program Explained

Being part of the Doobie Fam means we care about your experience at Doobie Nights and will do our best to keep you coming back to see us. Your continued support is what keeps our doors open, our shelves full of quality products to try and our store filled with magic, color and light. 

And so to show you how much your support means to us, we are thrilled to announce Doobie Dividends – our loyalty program. If you have ever made a purchase at Doobie Nights thru our website or by signing up with your phone number in the store and opting in, you may already be enrolled and have a point balance!

Now you can redeem the points you earn from purchases made at Doobie Nights on discounts, merch and some of your favorite products for a penny! Here’s how it works…

For every dollar you spend on product purchases at Doobie Nights, you will earn 1 point in Doobie Dividends. Once you reach one of the point thresholds listed below, you’ll see what you can redeem points for in your Wallet. You can either redeem points as you reach each level, or keep stockpiling them to save up for more valuable rewards. 

But don’t wait too long to cash into those dividends – points will expire at the end of each calendar year, or if you haven’t visited the store in over 6 months (don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder before they expire so you won’t miss your chance). 

Login to check your points and the rewards available to you here or at the kiosk we’ll soon have available in the lobby.

Benefits of Membership & Reward Levels

Members who share their birthday in their account will receive a super special deal via text to help them celebrate. Everyone who signs will receive occasional text messages about special promotions, discounts and events at Doobie Nights to get the inside scoop right in their pockets! 

Here are the Doobie Dividends Rewards. Each time you reach a tier, come into Doobie Nights and make any purchase. You’ll then have the option of cashing in your points on a product for a penny, or a % discount off your purchase, or free merchandise at each tier…

  • Tier 1 = 250 points = Lightweight
    • Product for a Penny: a Doobie (up to $12 in value – deal of the month for preroll category)
    • 5% Discount on your next purchase 
    • Free Merch: Doobie Nights papers & lighter
  • Tier 2 = 500 points = Social Smoker
    • Product for a Penny: an Infused Doobie OR Gram of flower (up to $25 in value – deal of the month for each category)
    • 10% Discount on your next purchase
    • Free Merch: a Doobie Nights mask / neck gaiter (your choice) & a lanyard
  • Tier 3 = 750 points = Stoner
    • Product for a Penny: a .5g Cartridge OR an Eighth of Flower (up to $35 in value – deal of the month for each category)
    • 15% Discount on your next purchase
    • Free Merch: a vape battery & a Doobie Nights t-shirt
  • Tier 4 = 1000 points = Daily Dabber
    • Product for a Penny: a Premium Eighth of Flower OR a Gram of Concentrate (up to $50 in value – deal of the month for each category)
    • 20% Discount on your next purchase
    • Free Merch: a Doobie Nights hoodie
  • Tier 5 = 2500 = Chronnoisseur 
    • Product: half ounce (up to $125 in value – deal of the month)
    • 25% Discount on your next purchase
    • Free Merch: a PuffCo Plus Vape Pen
  • Tier 6 = 5000 = Doob Doggie Dogg 
    • For those who want to stock up for something extra special and totally unique, we’ll collaborate to create a custom Doobie Nights experience for you & a few friends. Examples might include: a farm tour & sesh with one of our brands; or an in-store DJ dance party at Doobie Nights after hours.  

Rules & Guidelines

  • To opt in or log in to Doobie Dividends, sign up here: https://enrollnow.vip/login/2701
  • You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent at Doobie Nights (calculated based on the total after taxes) and points will be removed from your account as you redeem them for offers at each reward level you reach.
  • Points expire at the end of each calendar year, so go ahead and get yourself something nice for the holidays, you deserve it!
  • Opting into Doobie Dividends means you opt in to receiving occasional text messages from us (usually no more than once per week, and never at obnoxious hours). This means you’ll get the head’s up about specials, deals, discounts and events, but it doesn’t mean we’ll annoy and spam you.
  • Opting out of text messages can be done easily via reply to any text. But opting out will also mean you won’t be able to participate in the rewards program or stay in the know about specials. 

Redeeming Your Rewards

  • You can see what offers are available to redeem in your SpringBig Wallet by logging in here. There are usually at least one discount, one merch item, and one product deal reward at each rewards level, but keep an eye out for bonus items and surprise goodies!
  • You can redeem an offer with any purchase at Doobie Nights. You must make a purchase for us to be able to ring up the reward. If you are redeeming a discount, make sure you show it to your budtender before they finish ringing you up. 
  • To redeem an offer, make sure you’re in the store and with a budtender before clicking on it. Show it to your budtender prior to being rung up, and they will find the corresponding offer in our POS system to attach to your order.
  • When redeeming product for a penny orders, the penny product will vary each month depending on availability. Taxes are calculated based on the product’s regular price.
  • Once you click on the offer, it will be removed from your wallet, so make sure you’re ready to redeem it before clicking.
  • Ca-ching! You’ve earned a reward – thanks for being part of Doobie Dividends. Keep earning for new rewards.

Getting to know your Wallet

Below are some infographics from Springbig, our loyalty plan provider, to help you find your way around the wallet which you can access by logging in.

And here’s how to save your Doobie Dividends Wallet shortcut to your phone’s home screen for easy access when you come into the store:

Please ask our team if you have any questions or notice an issue with your account. We’re still learning our way around this system too, but we can certainly reach out for help with anything we don’t know how to fix and get it figured out for you!

Happy shopping and Doobie Dividends earning, Doobie Fam! See you soon.

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