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Cannabis and Anxiety: Coping With the Pandemic One Year Later

Cannabis and Anxiety: Coping With the Pandemic One Year Later

Cannabis and Anxiety: Coping With the Pandemic One Year Later

One year into the Covid-19 pandemic, cannabis is proving itself to be indispensable to consumers coping with the stress of lockdowns and a global economic downturn. A recent study indicates that prescriptions to combat anxiety, depression and insomnia have increased since the pandemic began. Now, according to a new study from the Journal of Addictive Diseases, consumers with mental health conditions like anxiety and depression have upped their intake by a whopping 91 per cent. 

Although the study doesn’t address whether participants actually saw improvements in their symptoms from increasing their cannabis consumption, some studies suggest that cannabis can indeed lessen anxiety, even going so far as to prevent stress before it happens by blunting the body’s reactivity to stressful stimuli. Still, research on the anxiety-relieving effects of the plant has been inconclusive – possibly because different strains can have markedly different effects. But as any seasoned cannabis consumer knows, indicas most often provide calming anti-anxiety effects, while sativa-dominant strains – which may be ideal for fighting depression – can actually induce anxiety. So use caution if you decide to self-medicate.

One thing is clear: You are not alone. Cannabis has been filling the void for many in these strange and challenging times. Even CBD use is up as people try to find ways to cope with the complex ramifications of the pandemic. While cannabis may have positive impacts on anxiety in the short-term, consider seeing a medical professional if your anxiety worsens or you’re not getting the relief you need. So many are struggling right now and there is no shame in seeking outside help when you need it. 

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